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Euterra Woods

The Property

Nestled within 10 acres of serene oak and pine awaits a private, contemporary, woodland paradise. Tender saplings and delicate native wildflowers sprinkle the shores of three ponds. Private wildlife trails twist through the property and inspires adventure into the gorgeous natural beauty of East Texas. You can end your day beside a glowing outdoor fire by the pond while staring up at the glittering stars. Euterra Woods is where time slows down and you celebrate Earth's gifts.

A beautiful butterfly with shades of brown and copper with flashes of iridescent blue


In nature you will find that nothing is perfect but it's perfect at the same time. We strive to provide you with quality accommodations while enjoying the peacefulness and tranquility that being in the country, with nature, has to offer.


Our Vision is to restore and maintain our piece of the Texas piney woods so that indigenous species may flourish without threat of habitat destruction .

Whether it's flora or fauna we work to make Euterra woods an environment that is conducive to all natives thriving.

The removal of invasive species requires constant vigilance and early identification.  Removal prior to seeding aids with their control. We also try to ensure that the ponds do not become contaminated and remain clean and healthy for aquatic life.  Our small contribution to the planet will hopefully be enjoyed by you.

A close up image of a dragonfly honey colored with bands of black on the wings and tail.
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